Councillors in firing line over East Worthing parking uproar

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Ham Road residents are furious with Worthing county councillors’ continued commitment to the Controlled Parking Zone (CPZ) extension in East Worthing.

And protesters were expected to be out in force last night at a meeting of the County Local Committee to vent their anger at how the new CPZ area has affected Ham Road, which is not in the CPZ.

Karen and Matt Parker said: “We are astounded and infuriated by the CLC’s continued arrogant stance on the impact these changes have had on Ham Road.”

They said the scheme involved putting double yellow lines up one side of the south of Ham Road, with the net effect of halving the available parking. 
“To continue to state that this was a fair and democratic choice, despite how ridiculous the option is, is absurd.

“Night workers, unable to park in Ham Road after a night’s work, are having to get up a few hours later to move their cars from neighbouring controlled streets or get fined.” And mothers with children were also unable to park in the street during the day, they added.

Another resident, Stuart Chalk, said: “The one-hour parking limit has taken 15 valuable parking spaces in the shop vicinity.

“How did they arrive at the decision that it was possible to remove these parking spaces from the residents, and just where did they think we were then going to park?”

Worthing CLC chairman Bob Smutherman said: “The County Local Committee is satisfied with the consultation process which was carried out before the new zones were introduced.”

West Sussex County Council said the situation was being monitored and, after a period of six months, a full review of the situation would be undertaken. Pieter Montyn, the county council’s cabinet member for highways and transport, said: “The whole point of a Controlled Parking Zone is to make sure residents can park in their street. Experience shows there is always an initial bedding-in period after a scheme is introduced.”