Councillors reject appeal against grievance decision

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COUNCILLORS have turned down an appeal against a council grievance decision.

Adur District Council has just published the decision by members of Adur and Worthing’s joint staff committee.

Members upheld a previous decision by Paul Spedding and John Mitchell, who found former employee Christine Gower did not have a grievance against the council.

The committee did, however, accept Miss Gower felt she had been “bullied or harassed and that this had a detrimental impact upon her health, work and family”.

Members also found a meeting on March 3, 2010, had led her to feel bullied.

They recommended the council review its practices for handling management meetings to avoid situations where a member of staff was meeting with two or more senior managers.

However, they still upheld the decision of Mr Mitchell and Mr Spedding, saying they had dealt with the grievance correctly and recognised there had been management failings which need to be addressed.

Adur councillors on the committee were Julie Searle, Janet Mockridge and Richard Burt. They were joined by three Worthing members.