Councillors to consider selling huts

Worthing's council-owned beach huts
Worthing's council-owned beach huts
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COUNCILLORS voted to consider selling off Worthing’s council-owned beach huts at a meeting on Thursday.

The idea was mooted by councillor Mark Nolan as a way for the council to raise funds.

A lot of them are on pensions and there’s no way they can buy one.

If all 129 huts were sold, it is estimated they would bring in £1,112,625.

However, not all in attendance at the joint overview and scrutiny committee meeting, held in Worthing Town Hall, were in favour of the idea.

Councillor Joan Bradley represents a ward that houses around one third of the huts.

She said: “They (constituents) are angry about this appearing in the press before they have been consulted, anyway. They are also very worried they will have their beach huts taken away from them. They are very resentful that the councillor who brought this up doesn’t have any of these beach huts in his ward.

“A lot of them are on pensions and there’s no way they can buy one. This is their only means of getting a break and a holiday. In the summer they go to the beach huts every day if it’s fine and sit there and meet their friends. There are also young families who just can’t afford holidays. I think we could do with more beach huts.”

The potential sale of the huts will now be discussed at a joint strategic committee meeting.