Councillors unable to make decision on Worthing seafront bar

THE decision on whether a Worthing bar’s nautical decorations should be taken down has been deferred by councillors.

At a meeting of Worthing Borough Council’s planning committee, councillors would not make an all or nothing decision on the Spyglass Inn, saying only some of the Cornish-themed outside decor should be removed.

The bar, at the bottom of South Street, attracted nine complaints to the council and was, therefore, forced to apply for retrospective planning permission.

One of the items deemed most controversial by councillors was the large wooden boat, which is attached to the outside wall of the bar, and has netting laced across the top of it.

Christine Brown, Lib Dem councillor for Selden Ward, said: “I quite like the colour – I find it quite cheery. It would not go amiss in The Lanes of Brighton; the posh end, too. All the extra bits and pieces, I like less.”

Councillor Hazel Thorpe, Lib-Dem councillor for Tarring, said: “I have got very mixed views about this particular topic. At first look it’s rather bright and breezy. I personally do think this is over the top, and I would like to see any of those bits and pieces that are superfluous to the design, taken down – particularly the boat.

“We have had a particularly windy and blustery day, and I think that boat could be quite dangerous.”

Michael Cloake, however, thought the council should not discourage local businesses from attracting new customers.

The Conservative councillor for Salvington said: “I think we should consider this is a local businessman putting his own money into this design. I feel fairly strongly that we should be supporting local businesses. There are things, perhaps, the owner could do to mitigate.”

As the only option for councillors was to either reject or accept the report in full, meaning the bar would either lose all of its paraphernalia, or none of it, councillors decided to defer the decision until the next meeting of the planning committee in order for a revised report to be prepared. The next meeting is on August 8.