Councils ask: ‘Where will we build homes?’

COUNCILLORS were left puzzled last week at how they would meet ambitious housing targets due to ‘limited development potential’ in the area.

A report presented to the joint strategic committee on Thursday, at Worthing town hall, outlined high yearly targets for both Adur and Worthing.

In theory, between 430 and 480 homes need to be built per year in Worthing, and between 215 and 245 homes in Adur.

But due to limits on potential areas for development, the report concedes realistic figures are much lower.

Worthing councillor Tom Wye said: I need somebody to tell me where we are going to build these houses.

“If we carry on like this the only recreational space we will have will be when tide is out.

“Have we got plans for houses on stilts?”

Adur cabinet member for regeneration Pat Beresford explained that the councils had a duty to set targets, or planning inspectors would not accept the area’s local development plan.

Without a plan, developers could have a ‘free-for-all’.

He said: “The lower figures are realistic, in the sense that they match the land identified for development.

“But whether all the land does get developed or not is the question, as each site has issues to overcome.”

For the full story, see the Worthing Herald, out Thursday, July 11.