Crackdown on pavement parking in Lancing

Damaged grass verges Lancing
Damaged grass verges Lancing

An enforcement programme in Lancing is set to crack down on parking on grass verges and pavements in the area.

The programme, a multi-agency initiative started by Lancing Parish Councillor Geoff Patmore which involves Sussex Police and West Sussex County Council, will target four zones in Lancing where the problem is reported by residents to be particularly severe.

Damaged grass verges Lancing

Damaged grass verges Lancing

Residents in these areas will receive leaflets reminding them not to park in a way which causes obstruction on the footpath – which would force pedestrains to use the road, putting them in danger.

The flyer warns that details will be taken and recorded of any offending vehicles. If the same vehicle is then seen offending again, a Traffic Offence Report Ticket will be issued by police officers.

Mr Patmore said: “It’s a deterrent.

“A zone will be targeted to make the statement that you just can’t park on pavements to obstruct people.

Pavement parking in Lancing

Pavement parking in Lancing

“People have been getting away with it. It’s a major issue in Adur which has not been addressed appropriately.

“But it’s a crime, there’s no two ways about it. It’s against the law.”

“I think this will send a message out.”

He said of the grass verges ruined by ‘selfish’ parking: “It’s not very attractive.

“It brings the whole area down and that breeds a lack of pride, and that can create all kinds of other problems.

“It’s also dangerous.

“If you are using a buggy with two kids and you have to go around the car into the road, or if you are in a wheelchair – it’s very dangerous.”

Councillor Gloria Eveleigh, chairman of Lancing Parish Council, explained that the issue came to light following residents’ complaints on social media about parking on grass verges and on pavements.

Mrs Eveleigh then asked residents to send in photos of offending, which she plotted on a map to highlight particular problem areas.

She said of the enforcement team: “They will keep going back and back to the same zone so that people start to realise they shouldn’t do it.

“We need change the culture, so they know that if they take a chance they are liable to get a penalty.”

The initiative is due to come before the Amenities and Environment Committee at Lancing Parish Council, where it is hoped it will be formally adopted.