Crash survivor talks of horror accident

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A SOMPTING woman is celebrating the tenth anniversary of her survival from a horrific near-fatal experience.

Kay Vincent, 42, of Cokeham Lane, was hit by a speeding car which mounted the pavement in 2003.

W47420H13 Kay Vincent who cheated death when hit by a car outside Brighton University ten years ago

W47420H13 Kay Vincent who cheated death when hit by a car outside Brighton University ten years ago

The impact broke her pelvis, right shoulder and elbow, three bones in her right leg, three in her left foot and damaged her knees.

Kay, a former Brighton IT teacher, said: “Even now I still sometimes have flashbacks to that moment when I saw the car racing towards me and I thought I was going to die.”

Kay had been taking a year off teaching to complete an MSc in IT at the University of Brighton. The accident happened three weeks into her course.

Since then, she has fought back and built a new life, supported by friends, family and husband Rob.

Kay said: “For several weeks the only parts of me that I could move without pain were my left arm and right hand, so to pass the time as Christmas approached I started to make cards for friends and family and the hospital staff.

“Eventually I was released from hospital but many of my bones were still broken. I was unable to work but still wanted to do something useful while I recovered, so I attended a Job Centre course on setting up your own business, and also studied for an MA in creative writing.”

When she was fit enough, Kay resumed her IT course part time and graduated last year.

She now runs a small craft business making cards, gifts and jewellery.

As chairman of Cokeham Liberal Democrats, she is also active in community campaigning.

Recently, she has visited hundreds of houses with a survey about plans to build 480 homes in Sompting.

Jemima Bland, parliamentary Liberal Democrat candidate for Worthing East and Shoreham, said: “Kay is one of those people whose lives inspire others. She’s a real fighter and there are many people who could learn from Kay’s experience of rebuilding her life after a disaster.”

Kay said: “Every November I think back to that moment outside Brighton University’s gates when my life changed.

“Although there are many things that I can’t do any more, there are still so many things that I can do.

“I feel very lucky to be alive.”