Amsterdam-style brothel raid in Worthing

IMMIGRATION officers raided a suspected brothel after neighbours complained of a scantily-clad woman posing, Amsterdam-style, in the window.

Witnesses said up to 15 officers with a drugs sniffer dog raided a Chinese herbal health and massage shop in West Buildings, off Montague Street, on Monday, December 20 at 10.30am.

Jenny Harwood, who runs Bosun’s Cafe next door, said: “It sounded in the summer as though something else was going on.

They weren’t just going in for herbal teabags. It seemed very seedy.”

She said passers-by had seen a woman with hardly any clothes on sitting “quite provocatively” in the window.

Police in riot gear were also called to the disused Montague pub, Montague Street, on Sunday, December 19, at 12.45pm following a dispute between squatters and security guards.

A police spokeswoman said the raid on the health shop was carried out by the UK Borders Agency and one woman was arrested for being an illegal immigrant.

She added: “On Sunday we were called to reports of people breaking into the disused Montague pub.

“It was a dispute between squatters and three security guards which got a bit heated. After about two-and-a-half hours, the squatters left.”