Attacker pleads guilty to assault at Worthing Magistrates Court

A WOMAN pleaded guilty to two counts of assault at Worthing Magistrates Court on Tuesday.

Amy Found, 24, of Apsley Way, Worthing, assaulted Shelbie Hunt and Chanelle Burkinshaw outside of Tangerine Bar, in Marine Parade, Worthing, on the evening of August 10 this year.

Brian Noel, prosecuting, told the court: “The two complainants arranged to meet up with the defendant by phone because they knew someone mutual.

“At the meeting Miss Found appeared from the road and said to Miss Burkinshaw, ‘I’m going to kill you. You are going to see the curb.’”

“She head butted Miss Hunt and shouted to Miss Burkinshaw, ‘if you are going to say something about my friend say it to my face.’”

The court heard that officers on foot patrol saw Found square up to a group of girls, threatening to knock them out.

Miss Hunt approached the officers with a bleeding nose and told them she had been assaulted.

Found, who chose not to be represented, was given a six month community order.

Judge William Ashworth asked for the probation service to speak with Found and said her guilty plea was taken into account when he decided on the sentence.