Burglar says sorry to Worthing, Lancing and Shoreham victims

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A PROLIFIC burglar has met some of his victims to apologise.

Barrie Williamson, 49, was jailed for seven years in October, after pleading guilty to four burglaries in Worthing, Hove, Seaford and Eastbourne, and 39 other offences, including burglaries in Shoreham, Worthing and Lancing, were taken into account.

A Sussex Police spokesman said Williamson, who was tracked down following an appeal on BBC’s Crimewatch, had expressed remorse asked if he could say sorry to at least some of his victims.

“Victims of four of the burglaries, one in Worthing, two in Goring and one in Shoreham, agreed to take part in the process and travelled to Coldingley Prison in Surrey, to meet Mr Williamson for the conference at the end of May,” he added.

Victims of one of the Goring burglaries, a husband and wife who asked not to be named, said it had been an interesting, valuable and worthwhile experience.

“Barrie Williamson was not our idea of a stereotypical burglar,” one said.

“He remembered all of the details of the crimes involving all present at the conference and emotions ran high at times on all sides.

“At the end of what was a mentally draining experience, we had probably got all of our anger out of our systems and replaced it with a genuine hope that he would have the determination, support and opportunity to lead a law abiding life on his release.”

Rachel Kemish’s Goring home was also targeted by Williamson.

“Being part of this conference has been a positive experience for us,” she said.

“Meeting Williamson at the conference raised many emotions, and in the end we felt like we played a role in reducing the likelihood of his continuing a life of crime, which will be a benefit to him and the wider community.”