Driver crashes into parked car in Goring

Karen Dawson with her smashed car.
Karen Dawson with her smashed car.
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A WORTHING support worker might not be able to go to work because someone crashed into her parked car at her house in Goring.

Karen Dawson, of The Strand, said she was sat in her garden having a cup of tea with one of her co-workers on Good Friday, when her 2001 Fiat Seicento was hit at about 1.30pm.

Karen Dawson, 50, works as a mobile support worker for Carewatch, and has recently celebrated five leukaemia-free years after being diagnosed with it in 2007.

Karen said: “Working in the community, some of my clients are in Wickand Littlehampton. I need a car.

“Next door but one came and asked if I was all right because she saw the car. We didn’t hear anything.”

Karen is having to borrow cars from friends and family at the moment.

She said: “If I do not get a courtesy car then I have got to beg, steal and borrow. It’s not fair on everybody else. I could not live with myself if I had done something like that. To me, it’s worth a lot more than somebody could pay for it.”

Karen will lose her 11 years’ no claims bonus that she has built up, and said mechanics have “had it on the ramps, and because of the age of it, they can’t see that it won’t be a write-off.”

Anyone who witnessed the incident, or has any information about it, can contact police on 101.