Georgina Gharsallah: Sussex Police explains why new CCTV sighting has only just been released

Sussex Police has explained why a new CCTV sighting of Georgina Gharsallah has only just been released, almost 18 months after she disappeared.

The Worthing mother-of-two, 31, has been missing since March 7, 2018; and on Wednesday afternoon, Sussex Police released new CCTV footage showing a potential sighting of Georgina with a woman carrying shopping bags in Worthing town centre.

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On Facebook, many people asked why the footage and images had only just been released.

In response, a police spokesman said: "The footage, which has recently come to light, is eight hours after the last confirmed sighting of Georgina in Clifton Food and Wines and a mile apart in distance.

"With the confirmed sighting in Clifton Road, Worthing, we focussed our attention in this geographical area and potential sightings were reported in the opposite direction of this new CCTV footage.

"After investigating over 60 potential sightings, none of which proved to be Georgina when followed up, and viewing hundreds of hours of footage, the new CCTV clip was identified as the area covered by the investigation widened."