Group sentenced for ABH after ‘nasty crime’ in Washington

A YOUNG women and two men were sentenced after a man was assaulted in an isolated car park in Washington and left half-naked “to make his own way back to civilisation”.

Tarek Nasser, 24, of The Boulevard, Ian O’Gorman, 26, of Kithurst Crescent, and Coco Burtenshaw, 20, of Christchurch Road – all from Worthing – pleaded guilty to ABH at Chichester Crown Court on Monday.

The court heard how the victim was at a party on July 8, 2011, when he spoke to Nasser on the phone and arranged to drive to the car park in Washington, so the group could do drugs.

The victim was then attacked by Nasser, while the other two defendants encouraged the “nasty crime”, the court heard.

For the full story and verdicts, see this week’s Herald (May 31).