Man racks up more than £17,000 in parking tickets

SINCE December, a man has racked up more than £17,000 in parking tickets with 173 unpaid Penalty Charge Notices.

The man has been issued most of his tickets by parking on double yellow lines, but his car has been found in disabled bays, resident bays, a taxi rank, and even on a pedestrian crossing in Upper Brighton Road, Worthing.

Whyte & Co, acting on behalf of Worthing Borough Council, instructed bailiffs to seize his Fiat as a result of the man’s refusal to pay any Penalty Charge Notices issued to him.

He also evaded 20 county court warrants issued against him.

Mandy Ainsworth, parking services manager for Worthing Borough Council, said: “The council will not tolerate debtors with such blatant disregard for parking restrictions or the enforcement process.

“A strong message must then be given to differentiate between those that won’t pay from those that simply can’t. Any other debtors wishing to discuss their situation or get advice are encouraged to speak with the council’s parking services team or the bailiffs.”

The council can claim some of the debt back by selling his car at auction, and, if he sells his house, the council can claim it back from any money made.