‘Mindless criminals’ put beach-goers lives at risk

Beach office staff 'horrified' by vandalism
Beach office staff 'horrified' by vandalism

BEACH inspectors were left in horror as a piece of life-saving equipment was vandalised on Sunday evening.

A defibrillator worth £1,400 was used to try and break into the beach office, in Marine Parade, Worthing, and was later found in bits by the boat crew.

Police attending the scene have found finger and palm prints, traces of blood, and boot prints from where the vandals kicked the beach office door.

Roy Stephens, foreshore inspector, said: “When we walked up to it we were in horror, it was in bits. It wasn’t until police forensics turned up that we found out it had been used to try and smash the door.”

The defibrillator is one of only two in Worthing that the public have direct access to. It is left in an unlocked case so that it can be used in an emergency.

Graham Cherrett, senior foreshore inspector, said: “It saddens me that they have done it.

“This is the time of year we are going to need it. The beach has not been this busy for the last six years.

“We have had hoteliers on the sea front come to us in case they need to use it on one of their guests.”

For the full story see the Worthing Herald, Thursday, July 25.