Mum’s heartbreak as baby funeral is delayed again

Georgina Hummel with a picture of baby Crystal W49900p11
Georgina Hummel with a picture of baby Crystal W49900p11

AFTER waiting almost a year already, a heartbroken mum fears it may now be September before she can bury her baby daughter

Crystal Hall-Hummel was just 11 months old when she was killed in May last year, but her mother, Georgina Hummel, has not been able to have her funeral so far due to tests still being carried out on her daughter’s body.

At the end of last year, her ex-boyfriend Jerome Edwards, 27, of Bridgefield Close, Midhurst, was charged with Crystal’s murder, and will face trial in September, but Georgina fears the upcoming court case could delay her daughter’s funeral even further.

Georgina, 18, of High Street, Worthing, said: “I still don’t really know what’s happening. Jerome’s solicitors had until January to complete tests, but there have been delays so I don’t know when I’ll be able to have the funeral now.

“It’s really difficult, because Crystal would have been two in June. I really hope to be able to have her funeral before then, but I just don’t know.”

Georgina originally spoke to the Herald last year after revealing she could not afford to pay for Crystal’s burial.

Funeral director Ian Hart then offered his services for free, and it was hoped the funeral would take place before Christmas, but delays with a second post-mortem being carried out on Crystal’s body by Edwards’ solicitors prevented that from happening.

She added: “It’s been ages now and I just want to put her to rest. They can’t keep doing all these tests on her. I just hope I don’t have to wait until September for the funeral. It’s really hard not knowing what’s going on. I just want to have a burial so I can start to move on a bit.”

Crystal died on Saturday, May 14, in St Thomas’s Hospital in London, after an incident the previous day where she stopped breathing.

Paramedics were called to Nursery Lane, Worthing, on May 13, when they resuscitated baby Crystal and took her to Worthing Hospital. She was then transferred to St Thomas’s, but was pronounced dead the following afternoon.

Later that day, Edwards was arrested at St Thomas’s on suspicion of murder.

n Crystal’s inquest has also had to be delayed due to the murder trial. It was opened and adjourned pending the outcome of the case.