Police make donation to youth service

A DONATION of £350 has been made by Sussex Police to help fund a session for young people who are lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender or unsure (LGBTU) about their sexuality.

The money has gone to Blueprint 22, to fund a weekly engagement session for young people aged 16-25. It is hoped it will build their self-worth via a programme of activities that will be developed by the young people themselves.

The sessions will also provide a safe place for them to meet and socialise, where volunteers, who have an informed understanding of the issues faced by LGBTU young people, can offer support and mentorship.

The funding will be used to provide equipment and materials required for the engagement activities throughout the year.

Amanda Baker, founder of Blueprint 22, said: “This money will help support LGBTU young people across Worthing and encourage them to be more confident in who they are.”

The donation is from the Police Property Act Fund (PPAF), made up of money received by the police from property confiscated by order of the court and then sold.

PCSO Nicola Burstow from Worthing police said: “Blueprint 22 provide an outstanding youth service across Worthing with free clubs for youths covering topics such as photography and cookery in addition to mentoring programmes.

“We are delighted to support such a worthy cause.”

For information about Blueprint 22, call 07713 564707 or email blueprint22@ymail.com. Details will be kept confidential at all times.