Pulborough man charged after damaging police car

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A Pulborough man has been charged with affray, criminal damage, possession of an offensive weapon and two bladed articles.

Shane Elliott, 29, from Arun Court, Pulborough, was charged after an incident in Lower Steet, Pulborough, where a police car was damaged.

He was approached by police after a call from a concerned member of the public at 2.20pm on Sunday (February 19) afternoon.

When police arrived he attacked the police car with a snooker cue, knocking off the wing mirrors and causing extensive damage to the bodywork as well as head butting and cracking the windscreen.

Officers were able to subdue the man by using captor spray and he was arrested.

PC David Quayle said: “We had been called because the man seemed in distress. We did what we could to contain the situation and are relieved that no one was injured although the damage to the police car was extensive.”

Elliott is due to appear before Mid Sussex Magistrates Court today (Tuesday, February 21).