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A MUM said she and her daughter were lucky not to have been seriously injured when they were attacked by a dog.

Michelle Jones had to fend off the Rottweiler with an umbrella, while her 12-year-old daughter Maddie hid behind her during the five-minute attack.

It happened last Wednesday (May 2) morning as the pair were walking along Coleridge Crescent, Goring, to take Maddie to Chatsmore Catholic High School, in Goring Street.

Michelle, 32, said: “It was really horrible, really terrifying and it felt like it lasted a lot longer than it probably did.

“I stood there yelling, crying, fighting the dog and screaming for help, but nobody came to help us.”

Eventually, Michelle said, the owner came and called for the dog and it ran off.

She said she would like to see all owners of certain breeds of dog take handling courses, so they fully appreciate the temperament and behaviours of their animals.

“I love dogs, and this won’t make me stop liking them, but I think people need to understand that these dogs have a certain personality and they need to take the necessary precautions if they have one to stop things like this happening,” she said.

“They need to keep their dogs on a lead and socialise Rottweilers from birth, as there is a very special behaviour aspect to these dogs that most owners don’t even seem to care about.”

Sussex Police confirmed officers had been called to the incident at around 9am, and had visited both the victims and the owner of the animal.

A spokeswoman said officers “didn’t have any concerns”, so they gave advice to the owner around not letting the dog out on its own again and would not be taking further action.

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