Worthing councillor critical of clamping plans

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GOVERNMENT plans to stop car-clamping on private property will cause “major problems” for people living in blocks of flats.

This is the view of the Federation of Private Residents’ Associations (FPRA), representing flat owners in England and Wales, which is asking Home Office minister Lynne Featherstone to think again about her proposed ban.

Federation chairman Bob Smytherman, who is a Worthing borough councillor, said: “Lynne Featherstone’s understanding of car clamping is depressingly naïve.

“She seems to think it’s a black and white issue of drivers as victims, when, in fact victims are also residents whose lives are plagued by illegally-parked cars.

“She naïvely thinks ‘land owners’ can just erect barriers, having no understanding that ‘land owners’ also include ordinary people – leaseholders – in blocks of flats who could be forced to pay for the installation and management of barriers, if the lease allows it.

“And most likely the lease will not allow it, in which case there is little that those residents can do to effectively keep out unwanted cars. This will bring misery to a lot of people.”

The FPRA argues that the real problem is rogue car clampers, and the solution is to regulate the system, not ban the practice.