Worthing man ‘rugby-tackles’ armed robber

A WORTHING businessman ‘rugby-tackled’ an armed robber to the ground in Worthing today (Saturday, July 16).

Gavin O’Brien saw the attempted robbery at Wheelers Clockmakers and Jewellers in Bath Place at about 10.10am and, together with the owner of the shop, pulled the robber to the ground.

Mr O’Brien, 63, said: “I was walking along Montague Street when I heard a lot of screaming and suddenly saw a young man run out of the jewellers holding a gun.

“He ran off towards the seafront and the owner of the shop ran after him, so I started to give chase until we both lost the young guy.”

Mr O’Brien, an ex-police officer who owns a town-centre shop, shouted out for someone to call 999 when the robber then reappeared.

“He just casually walked back round the corner and I could see him standing there, suddenly pulling his top up to reveal the gun tucked into his trousers. Then he pulled the gun out and so myself and the owner quickly pounced on him and took him to the ground.”

Mr O’Brien then realised the gun was in fact a plastic imitation and restrained the man until the police arrived.

Sussex Police said a man had been arrested and enquiries were still ongoing.