Worthing mum appeals for daughter Georgina Gharsallah to come home for Christmas

The mother of missing Worthing woman Georgina Gharsallah, who has been missing for eight months, is appealing for her daughter to come home for Christmas.

Christmas is a time for family.

Andrea Gharsallah, 56, from Normandy Road, Worthing, is appealing for her daughter to come home for Christmas

Andrea Gharsallah, 56, from Normandy Road, Worthing, is appealing for her daughter to come home for Christmas

But Andrea Gharsallah is preparing herself for an empty seat at the dinner table, and presents left unopened.

Her daughter Georgina Gharsallah has been missing for eight months, and despite various appeals the leads have dried up.

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But the 56-year-old from Normandy Road, Worthing, has not given up hope that her daughter is still alive – and has appealed for her to come home and make her Christmas wish come true. She said: “It would be the best Christmas present I could ask for.”

To her daughter, she said: “Please get in touch with us and let us know you are safe.

“We love you and miss you so much. A part of our lives has been missed all this time. Everybody wants you home.”

Mother-of-two Georgina, 31, was last seen leaving the Clifton Food and Wine off licence store in Clifton Road, Worthing, at 9.30am on Wednesday, March 7.

Andrea and Georgina’s sister Arij appeared on This Morning on ITV to raise the profile of the disappearance, and have covered Worthing with missing posters, including Broadwater Bridge where there was a rumoured sighting of her. On October 29 – her 31st birthday – Sussex Police offered a £5,000 reward to find her.

Andrea said witnesses had come forward saying they saw her in a bar in Hove and in Leeds, Wiltshire and London, but the sightings did not lead to anything.

Police also confirmed that an unidentified woman found at the Seven Sisters whose funeral was attended by dozens of strangers in September was not her daughter, Andrea said.

She believed she may have become caught up in human trafficking.

Andrea described Georgina as the ‘life and soul of the family’ at Christmas who loved to give presents, in particular to her two sons – and on Christmas morning, she would always wrap up her gifts last-minute.

Andrea said if not for her grandchildren, she would have volunteered at a soup kitchen on Christmas Day, but was determined to make it enjoyable for them.

She has bought her daughter perfume – as she does every year – clothes and a chain in the hope she does return. She said: “If by some miracle she does come back, she would know we hadn’t gotten on with our lives without her.”