Worthing pensioner bullied into handing over jewellery

A VULNERABLE elderly woman was bullied into handing over items of jewellery by a man who claimed he wanted to buy gold.

Police have just released details about the incident which happened at midday on February 21. The 85-year-old woman, of College Gardens, Worthing, answered the door to a man who asked her if she had anything to sell. She said no and turned to walk back into her home, but he followed her, uninvited.

Police said the man persistently asked her for jewellery, and eventually she handed over some items of costume jewellery in an attempt to get rid of him.

The offender took off a gold necklace the victim was wearing. It had a very distinctive open rose gold pendant, about the size of a 20 pence piece, with ‘92’ on the back.

The man is described as white, middle-aged, plump, with short fair greying, balding hair. His complexion was colourless and clean shaven and he wore dark trousers and an unusual dark jacket which flared from the shoulders down to the waist.

Police are appealing for witness who may have seen a man in the area matching the description, or anyone who has information about the rose pendant.

If you can help, contact DC Sarah Thurgood on 0845 60 70 999 quoting crime number ww1/018963/11.