Worthing police take action on ‘Meow Meow’

AN INCREASE in young people using a drug known as “Meow Meow” prompted police to hold an educational drive.

On the evenings of 10 and 11 August, police officers provided informative leaflets to door staff in the town centre, with support from Worthing’s Street Pastors who also handed out leaflets.

Social media is also being used to highlight this subject to young people who follow twitter via Sussex Police @Worthingpolice or on Facebook via Worthing Npt.

The multi-agency Worthing Action Group have raised concerns that 17 young people had reported the use of Meow Meow, a class B drug, in the last eight months, compared with just one case last year, so it was decided that an educational drive was needed.

Meow Meow, properly known as mephedrone, featured in the media two years ago as a legal ‘high’, prior to it being reclassified as a class B drug.

It can produce some unpleasant side-effects and some of the 17 young people have had to have treatment at hospital as a result.

Some were found by police officers while others were referred to hospital by other agencies. However, none of the young people have had any lasting effects.

PCSO Kevin Brown, who is managing the initiative, said: “This is really a reminder to young people that you do not know what you are getting when you buy mystery substances from strangers, acquaintances or friends. So far no arrests have been made but we are continuing to pay attention to this issue and always welcome information about any drug dealing in the area. You can contact us direct or call independent charity Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 55 111.”