Worthing pubs told ‘don’t serve drunks’

PUBS and clubs in Worthing are being urged to ensure their staff know the law relating to the serving of alcoholic drinks to any person who appears to be drunk, to help reduce domestic violence.

Worthing councillor John Rogers, chairman of the council’s licensing and control committee, said: “There are too many cases in the domestic violence courts where excessive consumption of alcohol is blamed and where those charged often claim to have drank to excess in pubs or clubs to such an extent that they lose control and cause harm to their families.”

It is a criminal offence to serve alcohol to someone who is drunk and all licensed premises are required to keep a “refusals register”, where details of those refused are recorded.

Worthing council licensing staff inspect these as part of any visits to licensed premises.


Diane Ball, Worthing Pubwatch chairman, said: “I would like to emphasise the problems recognising some members of the public that have had too much to drink when so many have been drinking at home prior to coming out.

“Shop keepers and staff are often not as confident as well-trained public house staff in saying “no”, whether this is because the shopkeeper working on his own feels physically intimidated or because in some cases there is a language barrier.

“The increasing trend over the last few years is that the public drink at home before coming out.

“Pubwatch members will strongly support John in his quest.

“Domestic violence is a serious and tragic matter and we will do all we can to help address this problem.”

Mr Rogers added: “If we can save just one case of domestic violence then this warning will have been worth making.”