Worthing scooter theft victim hits back

A SPATE of mobility scooter thefts in Worthing is causing anger and despair among victims of the callous crimes.

In the latest incident, on Sunday, August 7, an 80-year-old disabled woman in Downview Road was targeted, and at least four similar thefts have been reported to police.

In an open letter to an “Evil Slime-ball”, the 80-year-old, who asked for her name to be withheld, wrote: “I expect you are feeling very happy today – happy, clever and successful.

“It must be the greatest feeling, knowing you have successfully stolen the only means of transport of an 80–year-old disabled pensioner who is now housebound because of your cleverness.

“My mobility scooter was the best thing in my life, allowing me independence and the ability to get out and about, if only to post a letter, or buy a loaf of bread!

“What kind of mindless person are you not to realise that if someone has a mobility scooter, then they are DISABLED.

“It is not a ‘fun’ thing, but a very necessary adjunct in their life.

“The anger, frustration and devastation that I and my family and friends feel is almost a tangible thing, and the more I think about it, the more sickened I am. Thanks a lot!”

Her feelings were echoed by former Worthing mayor and Dial-a-Ride volunteer driver Eric Mardell, who now spends some of his spare time repairing electric wheelchairs.

Mr Mardell, aged 69, of Ardsheal Road, said: “I think that stealing electric buggies from the frailest people in Worthing is taking away their lifeline and is a crime beneath contempt.”