Dad offers cash reward for son’s stolen bicycle

Andy Dadswell has offered a reward for the return of his son's stolen bike
Andy Dadswell has offered a reward for the return of his son's stolen bike

A FATHER has offered a cash reward for the return of his son’s bike, which was stolen from outside the family home in broad daylight.

Thieves snatched the silver Saracen mountain bike last Monday morning, just 20 seconds after Andy Dadswell put it in the driveway for his son, 14, to ride to school.

The pair stashed it in the back of a white transit van before making their escape.

Mr Dadswell, 51, of First Avenue, Lancing, gave chase in his car but due to heavy traffic and the number of white vans on the road, he ended up following the wrong van.

“My apologies to the poor, shocked gardener who was confronted by a complete stranger opening the back of his van without any preamble,” he said.

The bike was ‘not hugely expensive’ but was not fully covered by insurance.

Mr Dadswell praised the ‘outstanding’ police response.

Officers said that without a partial or complete licence plate number, there was little hope of seeing the bike again.

“I understand that far worse things happen, but what the thieves obviously fail to realise is that they can only hope to achieve a quarter of its replacement value at best,” said Mr Dadswell.

“The heartache, time and effort it takes to sort this out is another thing for which we will never receive any form of compensation, and never even occurs to the miscreant.”

Anyone with information about the bike’s whereabouts should contact police on 101.