Day of high-tech fun for Herald and Gazette competition winners

Bill Farmer, Marion Farmer,Tony Allen and Margaret Ann Allen S35074H12
Bill Farmer, Marion Farmer,Tony Allen and Margaret Ann Allen S35074H12

IT WAS a day at the beach like no other for the winners of a Herald and Gazette competition.

Marion Farmer entered the contest, to win a day in a beach hut, which Virgin Media had fitted out with a feast of high-tech kit.

Marion, of Lesser Foxdales, Shoreham, went along to the hut, on Beach Green, Shoreham, with husband Bill and friends Tony and Margaret-Ann Allen.

“I thought the prize looked really interesting, so I thought I would give it a try ,” she said.

“It was very nice to have won it.”

The hut was officially opened by broadcaster Suzi Perry, formerly of The Gadget Show, before playing host to a number of community groups, including Age UK and local Scouts.

Marion said they four had very much enjoyed the day.

“We tried out the gadgets, watched the 3D television, and just really enjoyed the beach hut,” she said.

“We are all members of the Shoreham Buccaneers morris dancers, and we watched a YouTube clip with us in it, which was great.”

Asked if the super-information highway had any place on the beach, she answered: “It was slightly unusual to watch TV on the beach.

“But it was really interesting. I think it added to it.

“You don’t want to sit in the sun all the time.

“This way, you can go off and do something else, then go back to the sun.”

There were also a number of beach-friendly gadgets for the Farmers and Allens to play with, including a water-proof camera which could be taken into the sea, and a “rugged” digital radio.

Rhian Lewis, speaking on behalf of Virgin Media, said: “We wanted to showcase what beach huts could look like in the future, and that connectivity will be in places you would not expect.

“Mrs Farmer and her friends had a lovely day, and we think they enjoyed being here.”

They had hired a computer trainer to go along to give the Age UK members guidance on using the internet, she added.