Delight for owner as Star shines in pet competition

THE owners of the neckerchief-wearing dog that won the Herald & Gazette’s star pet competition have spoken of their delight.

Nine-year-old Star, a Collie and Jack Russell cross, beat scores of other pets to claim the award.

W02100H14 Katie Newland with competition winner Star

W02100H14 Katie Newland with competition winner Star

Star is owned by Dale Mills, 45, and his partner Katie Newland, 29, of Marine Parade, Worthing.

Katie said: “We are delighted that she has won the competition because we both love her to pieces and she really does deserve this.”

Dale added: “She’s a winner because she is a star.”

The couple wanted to see how Star would fair in the competition after reading about it in the Herald.

“She is a very friendly dog and is well-known around Worthing, especially in the Sunny Cafe and the Connaught Leisure Arcade where she is allowed to come in with us and see everyone,” said Katie.

She added that Star is easy to spot because she always wears a neckerchief.

Dale has owned Star since she was five-weeks-old after saving her from a puppy-farm. Vets did not think she would survive because of a problem she had with her jaw and Dale had to hand-rear her for the first few weeks due to her young age.

Katie said: “Star has a lovely friendly temperament, she is great with other people and children.

“She’s always wanting to play and loves it when the music is on. She likes to dance, usually holding one end of her toy while Dale holds the other, and she will pull at her toy along with the music. She’s been to many parties.”

Dale regularly takes Star for early-morning and late-night walks in the Downs where he takes photos and bonds with Star.

Katie said that if Dale is unwell Star’s behaviour lets her know, as she can ‘always senses when something is wrong and will always be right there to comfort you’.

She said: “I have never experienced such a connection between an owner and their dog and its so lovely to see.”

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