Disabled man who was refused voluntary work at Scope gets work after management U-turn

A DISABLED man who was turned down for voluntary work at a charity shop due to health and safety issues has been hired after a change of heart by the managers.

Jim Hazell, 29, of Ferring Lane, Ferring, began volunteering on Friday at Scope’s Chapel Road branch, just over a month after being turned down.

The charity had cited the shop’s rear fire escape not being able to accommodate wheelchairs as the reason why Mr Hazell could not work there.

But after conversations with Scope management, he has been allowed to volunteer there, on the promise that he only works on the shop floor and never goes out the back.

A delighted Mr Hazell said: “I’m happy that both the Scope area manager and shop manager really want to pull out all the stops for a wheelchair user to work in this shop.

“The access out the back is still an issue due to the fact there are bigger metal bins blocking the access for a wheelchair from the back door to the street, however, they are willing to let me do voluntary work at the front of the store instead and not go out the back at all.”

For the full story, see the Worthing Herald, out Thursday, February 28.