Does Lancing need a 20mph speed limit?

W41892H13 Would Lancing benefit form a 20mph speed limit?
W41892H13 Would Lancing benefit form a 20mph speed limit?

DOES Lancing need a 20mph speed limit? That was the question raised by Lancing parish councillors at a recent meeting.

Councillors agreed many motorists in the village were flouting the rules of the road when the amenities and environment committee met on December 11.

Suggestions were put forward on how to control unruly drivers and make the roads safer for pedestrians and law-abiding motorists, one of which was to impose a 20mph limit in the village.

Cllr Mary Hamblin said unfortunately there often had to be a fatal accident before action could be taken to change the limits.

“I don’t know how we can make a serious case,” she said.

“You need to have a consultation before it happens and last time I enquired there were 48 others before us and West Sussex County Council only do three a year.”

Cllr Hamblin said she was especially concerned about the Freshbrook Road and Old Salts Farm Road areas, where children and elderly people were at risk.

At the rate of three consultations a year, Lancing could have to wait till 2029 to have its chance.

Committee chairman John Hollington said many people in North Lancing took no notice whatsoever of the speed limits.

Cllr Leslie Sampson suggested monitoring the speed of vehicles to gather evidence of speeding, especially on Grinstead Lane.

“When I walk the dog at night I stand in disbelief at the speed cars are doing,” he said.

“If we could get a study on the amount of traffic that violates the speed limit on it would have to add weight.”

Cllr Sid Hilsum opposed a blanket 20mph limit.

“Most people are responsible drivers,” he argued, “I don’t like the idea of making a large number of residents have to suffer because of a few. It doesn’t make sense.”

Another idea suggested was to put up electronic radar-controlled signs at strategic spots that tell speeding drivers to slow down.

A public consultation on a 20mph limit is to be held in Worthing, but a recent Herald poll revealed 83 per cent of readers were against the idea.

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