Dogs Trust Shoreham long term resident Harley looks for a forever home

A friendly lurcher crossbreed with an endearing character, Harley has lots of love to offer despite a turbulent past, said staff at Dogs Trust Shoreham.

Sunday, 5th May 2019, 10:13 am
Dogs Trust Shoreham dog of the week Harley

Harley is hopeful to find patient, gentle owners who could spend some time getting to know eachother and then shower lots of love and affection once they have built up a bond.

Staff said Harley’s big loves in life are company from favourite human friends, running about in the fields, tucking into dinner, or relaxing down with a long-lasting chew.

Tracey Rae, rehoming centre manager, said: “This sensitive soul can lack in confidence in overwhelming situations, so a quiet lifestyle would be perfect for him. Likewise, Harley will relish peaceful walks, away from the hustle and bustle or lots of other dogs.

“He is currently working on his doggy social skills but has the potential to live with another well-suited canine. Harley can also live with teenagers over the age of 14.”

If you are an active person, looking for a loyal companion who could join you on relaxing walks and who you could spend lots of one on one time with, then Harley may just be the dog for you.

Contact Dogs Trust Shoreham on 01273 452576 or visit if you are interested in rehoming Harley.

Dogs Trust Shoreham is situated in Brighton Road, Shoreham.