Don’t be alarmed by Brooklands green dye

ENVIRONMENT experts will release coloured dye into Brooklands lake next week as part of an investigation into bathing water quality at South Lancing.

The Environment Agency will release a small quantity of green dye at the southern end of Brooklands Lake on Monday, which will make its way into the sea.

A Worthing Borough Council spokesman said: “I wanted to make you aware that on 16th February, the Environment Agency will carry out investigations to understand dispersal from the Teville Stream and Brooklands Lake into the sea.

“The aim is to identify if these water courses impact on bathing water quality at South Lancing and this investigation is being conducted as part of the Short Term Pollution scheme.

“We, and they, are reassuring members of the public not to be alarmed if they notice the sea to appear a green colour.

“The dye may travel up to one kilometre either side of Brooklands Lake but is non-toxic and expected to have dissolved by mid-afternoon.”