Double yellow parking lines ‘mishap’ in Goring

Rod Wood by the car in Grand Avenue ' photo by Eddie Mitchell
Rod Wood by the car in Grand Avenue ' photo by Eddie Mitchell

WHEN workmen were tasked with putting down double yellow lines on the junction of a Goring road there was just one thing in their way – this red BMW.

But rather than come back another day, the “jobsworth” workers decided to plough on anyway and leave a car-shaped gap in between their lines.

The line-painting mishap was spotted by actor Rod Wood last Wednesday morning when he had gone to move the car further down the road.

The car had been parked near the junction of Grand Avenue and Langham Gardens a week before when there had been no double yellow lines.

Rod had been due to move the car for his flatmate, Martin Wakeham, who owns it but is currently in Rustington Convalescent Home, recovering from a hip operation.

Rod, who lives with Martin in Langham Court, in Grand Avenue, said he thought the line painting was “hilarious”.

The 51-year-old said: “Talk about jobsworths.

“Surely someone could have put a note on the car or sent a note to people living in Langham Court, or even gone through the police or DVLA to find out whose car it was and ask them to move it.

“Now they are going to have come back and do the job again on rate-payers’ money.

“You can’t tell me painting the lines like that is a sensible way to do things

“It really does beggar belief.”

Rod had been due to move the car, which was parked around a week ago by Martin, to keep the battery active.

Martin will not be able to drive his car for the next few weeks while he is recovering from his hip operation.

Rod, who has appeared in a number of television programmes, including the upcoming Channel 4 reality TV show Leisure Cruise, said the lines were sure to get a reaction from Martin when he learned about what had happened.

Rod said: “My flatmate is very authoritarian when it comes to the council and I know he’ll think this is absolutely ridiculous.

“He wanted me to move it because he cannot drive for five weeks.”

The lines were put down by West Sussex County Council on Tuesday afternoon. A county council spokesman said: “The gap was left due to a vehicle when the contractor arrived. The contractor will return to complete it.

“The purpose of the double yellow lines in this location was to remove vehicles obstructing junctions.”