Drink driver crashes twice in two days

A DRINK-DRIVING mental health nurse who crashed twice in two days while over the limit was sentenced to 110 days imprisonment, suspended for 12 months, and banned from driving for five years.

Michelle Beauvois, 47, of Beach Park in Brighton Road, Lancing, crashed her silver Fiat Punto while under the influence of alcohol on June 2.

She hit a parked car in South Street, Lancing, and gave a breath sample of 83ml of alcohol in 100ml of breath, more than twice the legal limit.

The following day, Miss Beauvois again crashed her car in South Street, but this time she fled the scene on foot and was stopped by police a short distance away.

Tests showed she was almost three times the legal limit, with 108ml of alcohol in her breath.

Defending, Jane Macdougall said Miss Beauvois ‘clearly has a very serious alcohol problem’ and that her drinking had ‘really taken over her common sense’.

She said her client had been under extreme pressure at work, ‘dealing with difficult and challenging people’ and had used alcohol to ‘self medicate’.

At Worthing Magistrates’ Court on Monday, District judge Teresa Szagun said Miss Beauvois posed, ‘not only a risk to yourself but to of course to other road users and pedestrians’.

District judge Szagun acknowledged Miss Beauvois had taken ‘significant steps’ to address her alcohol addiction.

She must pay the court £165, obey a curfew for three months, and attend alcohol treatment sessions for six months.