‘Drivers hate us’ says cyclist hurt in hit-and-run

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A GORING man who suffered a broken hip after being involved in a hit-and-run collision has spoken of his ordeal.

Dave Parkinson was cycling along the A284 at around 5.30pm on January 28 when he was knocked off of his bike. The car driver did not stop.

The 53-year-old must now endure weeks of physiotherapy and will not be able to get back on his bike for at least six months.

Mr Parkinson, a trolley recovery driver at Gatwick, said: “I had decided that I was going to start riding into the evenings to maximise my riding time so as a Christmas present I asked my wife Jacquelyn to get me a new front light which cost about £180, and then I added a back light.

“That particular evening it was quite nice, I had my new lights on and I thought I would go out for a spin.

“The route is a 25 mile round trip that I cycle regularly and I was quite enjoying myself as there was not a great deal of traffic.

“I was probably going about 8mph and minding my own business then the next minute I heard an awful bang and I was kissing the road. I am sure I heard a car accelerating after the bang as I was fully conscious throughout.”

Mr Parkinson was pinned under the bike as his right foot failed to release from its pedal.

“The bike is light so I thought I would be able to lift it off,” he said. “But every time I moved I was in so much pain.

“I landed on my side and as I got swiped by the car, the bike was pulled from underneath me so I was laying across the A284 heading northbound.

“Eventually someone stopped and slowed the traffic and there were some good samaritans that came and helped me.”

Mr Davidson was taken to the Royal Sussex County Hospital in Brighton where he had a pin inserted into his broken hip.

He recalled: “I remember being in the ambulance for quite a long time and there were obviously concerns about my head, neck and back.

“I am so annoyed that this has happened and I will have to miss the Brighton to London to Brighton bike ride that I do every year for the British Heart Foundation so I am hoping that the person who drove off will chip in £500.

“I would like to see the law changed as I think cyclists should be given priority especially at roundabouts.

“They are trying to promote cycling in this country and I really do feel that an awful lot of drivers actually hate us.

“When you see lights in the distance, they are attached to something, normally a person who has family expecting them home for dinner.”