Durrington schoolgirl praised for bravery

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A BRAVE five-year-old girl managed to call for help after her grandmother suffered a fatal fall.

Libby Slater, from Durrington, telephoned her grandfather for help after her grandmother, Debby Potter, slipped and hit her head in the bathroom at her Selden Road home last Sunday, causing severe bleeding.

Despite Debby, 51, dying in Worthing Hospital hours later, Libby has been praised for her bravery and adult behaviour.

Bereaved grandfather Steve Stent, 52, said he was “immensely proud” of his grand-daughter.

“She was so calm and mature on the phone, she just rang me and told me what happened,” he said.

Libby and her brother Alfie, two, were staying at their grandmother’s flat when she had the accident. Despite bleeding heavily, Debby managed to hand Libby the phone for her to call for help. Libby called Steve, who was in Goring at the time.

After calling her grandfather, Libby also opened the door for the ambulance crew, checked on her brother and tried to get her grandmother a glass of water.

Steve said: “Libby just said to me really calmly, ‘grand-dad Steve, Nanny isn’t well’, and told me what had happened. So I told her to look after her brother and went straight down there.”

Steve added: “In the end, the fall was not the cause of death, Debby had a blood clot. But if she had just fallen, Libby would have saved her life.”

Debby was grandmother to four children, and was “loved by all”.

“It has been a massive shock,” said Steve. “Everyone loved Debby. She will be sorely missed.”

Libby is now back at home with her parents, but is said to be coping with the ordeal well. Steve said Libby, who attends the Vale First School, Findon Valley, has been talking about the accident with her parents, and has been sorting out a collection of photos of her and her grandmother.

Steve said: “Libby has been speaking to us about it a lot, which is good, because then it’s not all bottled up. Both myself and her parents are so proud. She acted far past the expectations of any five-year-old, and it shows that not all kids are bad news. Her bravery should be praised.”

The funeral for Debby is being arranged for Monday, August 22, at 1pm, at Worthing Crematorium, Findon.