Durrington woman devastated after thieves steal from grave

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A DAUGHTER has been left devastated after heartless vandals stole lights from her dad’s grave.

Deborah Dann, 45, of Hatfield Walk, Durrington, said she is fed up with vandals messing with her dad’s grave, after it was attacked for the third time last week.

The distinctive grave, in Durrington Cemetery, includes a Manchester United t-shirt and did, until a week ago, have lights around it, within the flowers, as well as a large solar light at the front.

Deborah said: “I have just had enough. I am just so upset and annoyed, it is unreal.

“I think it is disgusting people think it is okay to steal from a dead man’s grave. It is sick.”

She added: “Something has got to be done about it.”

George Dann, who was a huge United fan, died suddenly while on his post round in Sompting three years ago when he was just 60 years old.

A post-mortem on the father-of-three found his death was caused by a natural hardening of the arteries, known as coronary artery atherosclerosis.

For the family, the grave is a much-visited site, with Deborah going there at least three times a week and her mum, Susan, also visiting a couple of times a week.

Deborah said: “This is somewhere I go to at least three times a week and when he first died I went up every day and spent all day long there.

“It is my way of coping with it.”

Deborah has urged Worthing Council, which owns the cemetery, to review its security, adding: “They say there is security up there but if there was, why has this happened?

“Something needs to be done about this because this is the third time it has happened to us.”

Wendy Knight, a spokeswoman from Worthing Council, said: “We are not aware of any problems at this particular grave. We will visit the plot and see if there is anything we can do.”