East Preston couple call for tougher enforcement on cyclists in Goring

Ann Richard who has an incident with a cyclist in Goring
Ann Richard who has an incident with a cyclist in Goring

An East Preston couple are calling for tougher measures for cyclists who ride illegally along Worthing seafront after a woman fell and broke her wrist when she was distracted by them.

Anne Richards, of Golden Avenue, was walking with her husband, Richard, near Worthing Sailing Club, when she lost her balance after being distracted by two cyclists behind her.

The no-cycle path in Goring

The no-cycle path in Goring

The footpath is one of several designated no-cycle zones along the seafront.

The couple had noticed a number of cyclists ignoring the signs during their walk last month.


Following the fall, a trip to Worthing A&E revealed Anne had a fractured wrist and required an operation the next day to put four screws and a metal plate to repair the damage.

She said: “I just knew I had done something.

“The biggest upset was that we were going on holiday 10 days later to Canada and I wasn’t able to fully enjoy it.”

Tougher enforcement

Now, the couple are urging Worthing Borough Council to do something to enforce the no-cycle zone policy.

Richard suggested that the council should consider visiting the area during busy periods to impose fines of at least £50.

He said: “I sent a letter to Worthing Borough Council and they said that they had forwarded the issue on to Highways at the county council. It’s very disappointing.

“Perhaps the council should talk to enforcement agencies such as the police.”

“If a few irresponsible cyclists suffered such penalties, it would soon become known and serve as a real deterrent to others.”

Problems for cyclists

Anthony Cartmell, local representative of the Cyclists’ Touring Club, said it was unfortunate that Mrs Richards had been injured but suggested cyclists may be using the route because the nearby Eirene Road often caused problems for cyclists.

Wendy Knight, of Worthing Borough Council, said: “I suspect that it is a county issue but the bottom line is that cyclists shouldn’t be cycling in that area and we don’t have the resources to make sure they don’t.”

David Jones, of West Sussex County Council, said the footpath was the responsibility of Worthing Borough Council.

He said: “With regards to enforcement of no-cycling zones, this is an issue for Sussex Police.”