Chatsmore Catholic High School marks another good GCSE year

Head teacher Mike Madden with star pupil Ieuan Price, 16
Head teacher Mike Madden with star pupil Ieuan Price, 16

Despite the pressures of the new system, Chatsmore Catholic High School is celebrating another good year of GCSE results.

More than a 100 students went down to the school this morning to collect their grades this morning.

Head teacher Mike Madden said: “The grades have held up very well, really positive.

“In English and Maths these children have had less time on it and they have worked really hard

“We have got a lot of very happy children this morning

“It is difficult to make comparisons now because we can’t compare this year’s results with any other years

“It is actually going to be maybe three or four years before we can start properly comparing results.”

A particularly high performer was Ieuan Price, 16, who scored a 9 in Maths.

Staff hailed great results, with 65 per cent of students getting the new ‘standard pass’ (4) in English, and 57 per cent achieving a 4 in both English and maths.

A satisfying 99 per cent of students gained a good GCSE, the school said.

New exams introduced this year saw the traditional letter grades for English and Maths changed to numbered grades, going from 1 to 9.

A 4 equates roughly to a C and is considered a ‘standard pass’.

Grades 8 and 9 are similar to an A*, but only the top two per cent of students in the country receive a 9.

Next year all grades will be changed to the new numbered format.