Durrington pupils get in the spirit of Easter

Zach Jenkins, as Jesus, with the cast.  W13135H12.
Zach Jenkins, as Jesus, with the cast. W13135H12.
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DURRINGTON school pupils got into the Easter spirit by creating egg characters and putting on a play.

Some of the children at Durrington Middle School turned eggs into popular cartoon and TV characters, such as Spongebob Squarepants and The Muppets.

Farrah  Daughtrey.  W13137H12.

Farrah Daughtrey. W13137H12.

Members of the after-school drama club retold the Easter story through dance and drama.

They performed to other pupils at the school in Salvington Road, Durrington.

They also performed the show, which was written by year-seven teacher Sally Carvey, at the Lime Café in Chapel Road, Worthing, for their parents and friends.

Mrs Carvey said: “We had a cast of around 40 children, and we had some very good performances.

“The other pupils really enjoyed watching the show, which was a way of demonstrating and informing them of the Easter story through drama and dance, rather than a teacher just reading it to them.”