Goring First School is “outstanding”, says Ofsted

Head teacher Dawn Kearney with Goring First pupils
Head teacher Dawn Kearney with Goring First pupils

GORING First School pupils are receiving an “outstanding” education, after scoring top-grade marks across the board on the school’s latest Ofsted inspection.

Ofsted inspector Diane Wilkinson graded the school in Mulberry Lane as level-one “outstanding” in all aspects of the inspection.

The school was particularly praised for the standard of teaching in the reception class. In the report, the inspector said: “Reception-year children get off to a flying start because staff foster in them a great enjoyment of learning. They also enjoy writing greatly and, half-way through the year, many are already doing so in sentences.”

Writing was praised in the report, which stated year-one pupils write at a level normally seen by year-two pupils or above. By year two, the report said, pupils write effectively in formats such as letters and descriptions.

The inspector added: “Through the excellent promotion of oral language, pupils’ communication skills are especially good. They explain their learning easily and speak very thoughtfully and clearly, with a maturity and confidence well beyond their age.”

The report showed much of the pupils’ success and development to be down to the enthusiasm of the staff.

The inspector said: “Teachers’ great enthusiasm for working with pupils is infectious and lessons are always highly enjoyable, instilling in pupils an excellent commitment to doing well.

“Staff are excellent at encouraging all pupils to make the best of their education and to develop a great pride in their work. Consequently, pupils enjoy school greatly and behave especially well.”

The only area for improvement highlighted by the report was the encouragement of parents’ use of online resources provided by the school to help children with their homework.

Head teacher Dawn Kearney said: “We are absolutely delighted with the outcome of the recent Ofsted inspection which recognises the outstanding contribution of our dedicated team of teachers, support staff and governors.

“It was apparent to the inspectors that parents are very much involved in their children’s learning and that they are very supportive of the school. “