More than 200 extra primary school places in Worthing in Lancing

NEARLY 200 extra primary school places were available in Worthing for the start of the new admission year.

A further 30 places have been provided in Lancing – all part of a £15million county-wide scheme which has produced an additional 597 places, and all completed on schedule.

The work is part of a West Sussex County Council programme to cope with the large increase in primary numbers.

In total, over the next few years, the county council will be providing an additional 6,000 places across West Sussex covering all year groups. Some of the building work will be phased as children move up the age range.

Peter Griffiths, West Sussex cabinet member for education and schools, said: “It shows we are very alive to the surge in primary school numbers that most education authorities are facing.”

The following Worthing area schools are listed with the additional year-of-intake places provided, to allow additional pupils to be admitted this school year. In most cases, further school places will be added to allow the increased intake to continue in subsequent years.

Bramber First, 15; Downsbrook Middle, 30; Elm Grove First, 15; Heene First, 15; Springfield First, 15; Thomas A’Becket Middle, 48; Vale First and Middle, 15; West Park First and Middle, 15; Whytemead First, 30; Seaside Primary, Lancing, 30.