New reflection room for school pupils

New Room at Palatine School W17544h12
New Room at Palatine School W17544h12

CHILDREN from two neighbouring Worthing schools have collaborated to brighten up a “bleak and scruffy” area.

Year five pupils from English Martyrs Catholic Primary School in Derwent Drive, joined forces with children from Palatine Primary School in Palatine Road, to redecorate the annexe to the kangaroo classroom at Palatine.

The area is now called the Reflection Rooms, and they were officially opened last week with representatives from each class helping to cut the ribbon.

Wendy Moss, teacher at Palatine, worked with Gill Foan, from English Martyrs, to make it happen.

Wendy said: “The children collaborated to choose sea and beach designs for the room and to brainstorm fund-raising ideas.

“Gill and I feel it is very important for our classes to have opportunities not only to co-operate on projects, but also to learn to socialise with each other as they are all part of the larger community outside of school.

The Reflections Rooms will be used for sensory exploration, imaginative role play and lessons.