Our Lady of Sion celebrates another great year

Students at Our Lady of Sion school in Worthing celebrate their GCSEs
Students at Our Lady of Sion school in Worthing celebrate their GCSEs

Our Lady of Sion school students were overjoyed with their GCSE results this morning, and along with their teachers celebrated the fruits of their focused hard work and dedication.

The school Worthing school saw a significant increase in its A* and A grades this year, making up 44 per cent of all grades.

This was up from 38 per cent last year.

Headmaster, Dr Simon Orchard, congratulated the students and staff on their wonderful achievements.

He said: “Our students have high aspirations and approach their studies with focus and determination.

“We are all very proud of all that our students have achieved.

“They have aimed high and these results are a credit to their strength of mind and character. They should be very proud of themselves.”

“As a community, we proactively encourage each other to give of our best and to achieve outstanding outcomes in whatever we are doing.

“Due to our excellent pastoral care and dedicated teachers, our young people thrive in a happy environment that supports each one of them in their personal drive to achieve their very best.

A stunning 29 per cent of students achieved between a 7 and 9, the highest of the new grades.

Amongst the highest achievers were Aisha Stitt who scored level 9 grades – only awarded to the top two per cent of students – in both English language and literature, along with five A*s and two As.

Talisa-Mae Marsh, who earlier in the year also competed at the ISA National Swimming Finals, nine A* grades and 1 a grade.New exams introduced this year saw the traditional letter grades for English and maths changed to numbered grades, going from 1 to 9.

A 4 equates roughly to a C and is considered a ‘standard pass’.

Grades 8 and 9 are similar to an A*, but only the top two per cent of students in the country receive a 9.

Next year all grades will be changed to the new numbered format.