Phil Earle visits Durrington pupils

Author  Phil Earle with Durrington High School pupils.  W03018H12.
Author Phil Earle with Durrington High School pupils. W03018H12.

ACCLAIMED author Phil Earle gave around 300 students at Durrington High School a lesson in writing.

Phil visited the school to talk about his latest book Saving Daisy, a moving story following the life of Daisy Houghton, who first featured in his critically acclaimed debut Being Billy.

The book is currently being read by the school’s student book club and is nominated for many national book awards.

Sally Baker, the school’s learning resources area manager, said: “Phil’s passion for his vocation is evident and our students were so enthused that even reluctant readers bought copies of his books and have developed their reading skills since his visit.

“Not every story in life has a happy ending, Phil’s books reflect this, but they do help their protagonists find a better way of being, and an ability to see some hope on the horizon.

“In the wake of so many real-life drama books flying off the shelves, Phil Earle’s gritty modern realism should be recommended reading for all troubled teens – finally giving some of their fears and anger a credible voice and helping them realise their true strength in the face of adversity.”