Special awards ceremony for Durrington students

Students from all years at Durrington High, in The Boulevard, were presented with awards at a special awards ceremony as proud staff, parents and governors watched on.

Deputy head teacher John Fuller said: “This was the first time we had held the awards ceremony and it was part of our determined effort to celebrate and recognise students academic and non-academic achievements.”

The students were nominated for awards by their teachers for their achievements from January and March this year, and were presented with silver badges to wear on their blazers.

Prize winners included Alessandro Moraio, Coral Bingham, Karen Suen, James Homewood, Daniel Smith, Hannah Rogers, Chloe Papps, Talia Murphy, Freya Coombes, Hayden Smith, Madison Horne, Tom Hart, Hollie Martin, Rachel Hawes, Elliot Albon, Noah Horne, Jay Vachhani, Gemma Coulson, Dani Hardy, Holly Bastable, Jenny Latham, Sophie Klus, Francis Arthur-Worsop, Briony Taylor, Grace Murray-Rowley, Colm Mutton and Hayley Turner.

The school hopes to hold the awards ceremony three times a year.