Teachers become walking poems

Chatsmore Catholic High School's English teachers were turned into walking poems and billboards to celebrate National Poetry Day

English teachers were turned into walking poems to celebrate National Poetry Day.

Students across all groups at Chatsmore Catholic High School in Worthing were involved in a number of poetry-themed projects on Thursday.

Head teacher Peter Byrne described the atmosphere as ‘buzzing’.

The students were asked to write a word associated with freedom, this year’s theme, and then stick it on to their teacher’s clothes.

Words found on staff cardigans, dresses and tights were then used by the students to write poems.

Ms Claire Martin, subject leader for English, said: “With the new GCSE having such an emphasis on poetry, we have been having lots of fun finding new ways to engage students with this key area of literature study.”

Teachers also acted as human billboards to promote the Chatsmore Poetry Cafe, which took place in the school’s learning resource centre.

Poems written in years seven to 11 were read, sung and performed at the well-attended lunchtime event.

Other events at the school last week included ten-word miniature poems, one-word poems, wallpaper writing and poetry painting.

The art department crafted a dove, where the miniature poems were displayed, and staff wrote and performed poetry for students.

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