Tough job choosing new Worthing High student leaders

Some of the students leaders with Alison Beer, head teacher
Some of the students leaders with Alison Beer, head teacher

WORTHING High School’s new student leaders for the year have been appointed following an intensive application and interview process.

Head teacher Alison Beer said: “The high calibre of our current year-10 students made this year’s appointment process very hard. The roles of head boy, head girl and community student leader are valued very highly by the school and we were pleased to see so many students apply for these important positions.

“Two student leaders are appointed to each of our communities in school and these are supported by the roles of head boy and head girl.”

The students appointed were Brandon Liau as head boy, Sophie Zienkiewicz as head girl, Broadwater student leaders are Melany Cook and Abbie Salmon, Heene student leaders are Alice Palmer and Gary Thompson, Salvington student leaders are Sharna Challenger and Lucy D’Agostino and Tarring student eaders are Ellie Howard and Jake Vigor.

Darren Jones, assistant head teacher, said: “The team will also be supported by 40 prefects who were required to complete a robust application process prior to being appointed into their new roles this week. Our student leaders and prefect team are considered ambassadors for our school and I know they will all be positive role models for our younger students. They will provide special support to the school during the next 12 months including carrying out break and lunch duties and greeting parents and visitors to the school at various evening events.”