VOTE: Worthing College rejects bid for secondary school site-share

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SUGGESTIONS that a secondary school could be built on the former Aviva site at Broadwater, alongside a new Worthing College, have been dismissed by the college.

West Sussex County Council officers are considering options for siting a new Worthing secondary school.

The town is the only area in West Sussex which still has a three-tier school system – first, middle and high.

With a change in the Worthing schools’ age of transfer, there would be only two tiers, primary and secondary, creating the need for a new site.

At Friday’s meeting of West Sussex County Council, Worthing Lib Dem member Irene Richards suggested using the Aviva site, along with Worthing College, which is proposing to move there from its present base in Bolsover Road, Worthing.

Cabinet member Peter Griffiths replied that he had been talking with Worthing College about this issue, and that council officers were considering possible options.

But Worthing College principal Peter Corrigan told the Herald on Tuesday that the Aviva site was not big enough to accommodate both the proposed new Worthing College, and a new secondary school.

“Although we are very sympathetic to the plan for a new secondary school, there is not enough space on the Aviva site, as we need the existing outdoor space for more sports facilities,” he said.

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